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Evangelist Says Offerings Lost in Mail

Evangelist Says Offerings Lost in Mail: “Those employees said the ministry routinely used donations to pay for Hanegraaff’s personal expenses and luxury items, including a board-approved 2003 Lexus sports car and smaller items, such as repairs to his children’s computers and birthday flowers for his mother.”This is a deeply disturbing story to all Christians. However, we should follow the same policy I outlined in the case of James Dobson. The minister gets the benefit of the doubt until the investigation is over. Here is hoping that this story is not true. Stories like this make me glad to work at Biola University, a place with almost one hundred years of financial frugality, and a global impact in the area of Christian thought. If you have a choice and are unsure about a ministry, it is always wise to give to ministries that are EFCA members and have a long track record of ministry. When I started Torrey, this fine track record was one reason I was happy to be at Biola.

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