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Everything that Matters in the News I

A new feature of this blog. . . a quick hit on everything that matters in the news.I. In news political, Hugh Hewitt will be the place to watch for breaking news on the fight to free pro-life judges from the tyranny of the minority. Are you a traditional Christian? Next election just remember that only one part would let you or your children serve on the courts.II. Star Wars fever is upon us, Aslan. And that is the problem for Lucas. The nation has discovered fun movies with an actual plot (think Lord of the Rings) and now is panting for the Chronicles of Narnia.Lucas cannot develop a plot, but he is good at filming one. Too bad he is not directing someone else’s story.The last two films are so bad that I have never really been able to watch them on DVD. Natalie Portman by herself could kill any film, but Natalie Portman (soon to be famous for having been cute) reading the worst love lines ever written for film is unbearable. Natalie Portman is in this film which means there will be bits of it to make everyone cringe.Only the true fan boys care about this film amongst the college set. Like Star Trek after the eighties, Star Wars is a fetish of the old or the Sci-Fi fanatic. (I fit both camps.)So the aging true believers and the Star Wars Club on campus (for which I am faculty advisor) will be there today and I will go as well. Why? Star Wars was fun when I was a kid. It wasn’t Citizen Kane, thank the Emperor over the Sea, and it also wasn’t Klute. Lucas wins eternal movie-going gratitude for helping kill off the sort of self-centered vanity projects so ugly and so self-centered that they looked like an Oscar acceptance speech with a plot. Back then he was first to spear the Great White Fonda and end dull, sermonizing movies.Now he is describing his film in politically correct, dull, sermonizing tones at places like Cannes!The rest of us may go, but we are really waiting to love the film of the year: Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.III. The New York Yankees are playing good baseball again. This is proof of the eternal depravity of the human condition. It is also the strongest argument for the non-existence of a good God.IV. LA has a new mayor. Nobody is sure who he is. Nobody would know anything informative from the worst “live” blog in the history of the universe. The Corner posts more quickly on a minor Senate hearing. There was no banter at the Times, no rapid response, just essays without any soul. Boiler plate newspaper copy in small chunks is not the new media, folks.I am offering a free ticket to GODBLOG 2005 at Biola to anyone at the LA Times who wants to learn about the new media. They can contact us here.V. The new fireworks show at Disneyland is the best ever. If you do not see it, then you will have missed the most remarkable deployment of resources in the service of entertainment and lighting up the sky since Walt first thought to have Tinkerbell fly over the castle at the start of The Wonderful World of Disney.VI. See a mainstream journalist jump the shark! See a serious man become a clown before your very eyes! Keith Olbermann says of our President and his administration:That’s beyond shameful. It’s treasonous.Treason? Isnt’ that just a tad strong? Woo Hoo! Next he will accuse the President of being a Sith Lord! Or a Klingon! Or Sauron! Maybe the President is the anti-Christ! Who knows what else that whacky, fun loving, Olbermann will say of our President during a war!

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