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Five Reasons to be Cheerful Today, Hugh

Dear Mr. Hewitt,For good reason, you have been a bit sad of late. These are tough times in some ways. However, with good Reagan spirit, I am reminded of five reasons to be cheerful today with an extra BONUS to cap it all off.First, we are winning the war in Iraq. All is not perfect, but the best evidence we are winning is that the war is moving out the mainstream news.Second, George W. Bush is defending life. He has defied the polls and acted within legal bounds to try to save a woman he does not know. We are led by a gentleman!Third, we both live in the best and most free nation on earth. Who has a better constitution? Who has a better court system? We have mostly free men and mostly free markets! Woo Hoo!Fourth, it is still possible to start a business and see it flourish. The person who will take down Microsoft is (in all probability) thinking up the idea even now.Fifth, I am married to the Fairest Flower in all of Christendom. This is a great time to raise kids. I can legally home school them if I wish. That is a good reason for me to be happy. You will have to insert your own family reasons here, though I hear this possible.Finally, we can worship God as He commands. No one is coming to close down my own Church. No one is shooting our pastors. We are free to thunder from our pulpits and to weep at our alters.Don’t you love living in this day and age?A fan,JMNR

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