Essay / Politics – Politics – Newt Gingrich Considers Presidential Run – Politics – Newt Gingrich Considers Presidential Run: “‘Anything seems possible,’ including a White House race, Gingrich told the Associated Press.”Anything may be possible, but somethings are not very likely. It is not likely Elvis is really at your local 7/11. It is not likely that Dan Brown will donate the proceeds of DaVinci Code to the Catholic Church. It is not likely that Bill Clinton will marry Monica. In the same way, Gingrich is engaged in the strange fantasy of older men at the end of their careers that having come to an end in their chosen field, they should retire by becoming President. Four reasons Newt will never be president:1. Clinton problems. Forgiveness? Sure, but you have to be sorry and stop. If the party base is going to overlook bad behavior in a Republican, it will be 9/11 Rudy not yesterday’s Newt. 2. Bad look. Heavy, Southern, white men better look like Clinton or they look like villians in bad television movies. 3. Dated ideas. Gingrich has been running on autopilot for years. Watch him on television and count the minutes before he mentions the “Contract with America.” Memo to Newt: This years freshman college class was born in 1987. 4. No executive experience. Gingrich can join every other successful presidential candidate from the House in the last one hundred years. Doesn’t someone near him help Newt with self-irony?

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