Essay / Misc. – U.S. & World – Al Qaeda Video Shows Police Execution – U.S. & World – Al Qaeda Video Shows Police ExecutionIn the footage, one of the prisoners identified himself as Lt. Bashar Latif Jassim and said his mission was to “prevent terrorists from entering Iraq.” When asked by one his captors- who did not appear on camera- who the terrorists are, Jassim said: “Those who sabotage the country.”It is clever of the terrorists to show us this brave Iraqui. We will become discouraged and quit after a video like this one is shown to us.Poirot once noted that criminals are never very clever, but always believe that they are. So it is with terrorists. A brave man died for his country. Thousands more brave men will step up to take his place. There will be an election in January. Soon there will be the first free Middle Eastern nation. It will not be perfect, but it will be better than anything that has been in the region (other than Israel) in the history of the world.This hard task will be accomplished if we do not falter. Why? Because the people of Iraq are not foolish. They know that the fastest way to get rid of Americans is to be get rid of terrorists. Our interests converge. Their freedom is our freedom from the hard duty of securing the peace in Iraq. Liberty works and it will work in Iraq.What about Vietnam? Aren’t all occupations doomed to failure? First, historically all occupations have not failed. Ask Poland. However, comparisons to other “occupations” are wrong headed, because we are occupying to liberate. Most other armies claimed they were liberating, but were not. The USA cannot wait to go home. We have no colonial ambitions. The people of Iraq will test this, find it to be true, and learn to trust us.The left in this nation fears this outcome. Why? Because they know Bush and the Republican party will rightly reap most of the credit. A free Iraq in four years, with a smaller number of American troops living in relative peace, will be the death knell of the modern Democrat party. The war was easier than was anticipated. The occupation has been harder, but we control our destiny. We can go home at any moment we wish. We wish to go home with a free and united Iraq. Wouldn’t you hate to belong to a party that has trapped itself into a position where American success means their failure?

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