Essay / Culture – U.S. & World – Supreme Court Denies Parents' Plea – U.S. & World – Supreme Court Denies Parents’ PleaThe Supreme Court once decided an African was not a human.The Supreme Court once decided that an unborn child was not a person.The Supreme Court has now decided by default that when a human cannot swallow and a spouse with an interest in his death says he wants to die, then that man is not a person. Needless to say, the court is sometimes wrong. God save this Court.But, for all that, the Court has ruled. We have no better option than to follow the rule of law. We will honor Terri Schaivo by obeying for now, but never forgetting what has been done. We will do so by voting against those who have taken her life. We will honor Terri Schaivo by pressing for a better court. We will repent our part in this culture of death that helps a woman by killing her. God knows. He will judge. Every person, even members of the Court, will answer to Him some day. He is not prejudiced. He knows no favoritism for color, age, or handicap. In that Highest Court in the cosmos all men are created equal. Terri will have a great advocate in that court. Money will not buy her foes a better lawyer than He. He knows what it is like to be executed by indifferent worldly judges who could not be bothered to intervene. In a cosmic sense, tonight it is better to be Terri Schaivo with a soul washed clean in suffering than our dishonored court. Of course they are only men after all and every man makes horrid decisions in the heat of the moment. So fallible. So weak. Just as we are. I am sure they natter about precedent and procedure when a life is at stake. Some binder is full of rules and regulations and the binders must be obeyed. During all of it a woman dies in Florida. May God have mercy on them. May God save our Supreme Court.

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