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Frank Pastore Has Gone to the Next Level

Christians are always critical of how they are doing in the culture. Let me remind all of us of one area where we are have made great strides: talk radio. When I was just a lad, back in the days when Christian radio was more apt to curse Plato than quote him, Christian radio was a source of never ending shame. Now it is much, more better.Of course, the bigs like the Lord of the Blogs, Hugh Hewitt have always been good. (“One blog to guide them all, one blog to find them, one blog to bring them all”. . . but then Hugh has more than one eye, is not evil, and has never been seen with an orc. So much for that literary analogy.) Local talk radio is catching up.The best example right now is the Frank Pastore Show. Frank started strong and is getting better. Frank is very bright and is well read. He has a stronger educational background, I would guess, than roughly, say, one hundred percent of the reporters on the LA Times. He talks about everything: ideas, religion, politics, and culture. He is not afraid to express strong views, but he also has guest on who disagree with him. Shockingly to some, Frank has a sense of humor.It does not hurt that as a former major league athlete, Frank does not have the sat-all-my-life-talking-to-a-mike softness on air. He sounds like a Real Man, because he is one. My daughter, who thinks Major League Baseball is the apex of Western civilization, venerates every word that comes from the Mouth of Frank.In short, this is a punchy, funny, thought provoking show. Imagine NPR if the hosts were NOT pretentious and bombastic, but smart without being pretentious. That is Frank Pastore. Give it a listen.

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