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Frank Pastore

I will be on the air with Frank Pastore tonight about 6:15.One thing we are likely to discuss is Billy Graham. Graham is coming to Los Angeles in November for a Crusade that will mark both the start of his ministry and its close. It was Los Angeles that put the young Graham on the map and I am praying that it will be the same city that will provide a glorious capstone to a life well lived.Graham is the elder statesman of American Christendom. The number of people he has brought back to a living faith is amazing. Liturgical churches, like my own, have finally realized that Graham is their friend, not somone to oppose. After all, no real Christian thinks food festivals and ethnicity equal salvation. No Christian thinks salvation can be earned by works. Every Christian thinks that a turning to Christ and a living faith are necessary for salvation. This is Graham’s message, the gospel, and it changes lives.Our culture hides from our need. We are sin ridden. Sin eats us alive. We attempt to make holiness bad (“Repression!”) and the libertine lifestyle acceptable. Experimentation takes the place of ancient wisdom.Our society has no “save game” feature like my favorite computer games. Make a mistake with society and people get hurt. Sin hurts. The wisdom of the Creator has always pointed this out and six thousand years of human experience show His Words are true.Sin cannot be wished away. It is there. It hurts our souls continuously. Plato was right when he argued that injustice was bad in itself, even if no one knows. I have personally experienced the release and forgiveness from sin that comes from being born again. The daily mercy of God is just as sweet.Our nation is divided, but it is not between red and blue states. The real division is not in politics, culture, or society. It is in the heart of each man. This division in our souls is the real war. Some hearts give in to vice and other allow mercy to change them. Vice is a siren that seduces with the easy way and destroys men. Mercy chants of a hard road that restores us to proper order. For decades now, Mr. Graham has stood, just as he is, singing God’s song of love for us. Lamb of God, we come!Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.

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