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Gallant Knight of Christendom

The Bishop of Rome is very ill.He helped defeat communism.He helped liberate half a continent.He has been a faithful voice for the culture of life.And now he has managed to transform his illness into an icon for what it means to suffer and gain meaning from that suffering.He shows the shallowness of the empty talking heads who attack him or those like Huns Kung, whose reason for fame you can never quite recall, who cannot wait for him to die to posture and pontificate. For the wise old man who was the only one with the right to pontificate never did. He simply lived a gallant Christian life.I am no Roman and never shall be. However, this gallant knight, this friend of Reagan and the unborn, has been one of the greatest men to ever sit in Peter’s chair.God be with you brave defender of the right. Soon God will vouch safe to give you a vision of Himself unmediated by pain in that Undiscovered Country from which no man must return.

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