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God Gap

Dear Libertine Republicans,For years we have suffered from having you say that the “religious right” costs the GOP votes. Turns out that the religious right controls several hundred electoral votes. Secularists, libertarians, and others make up about ten percent of the population.You cannot win an election with Western Washington, Western Oregon, and a few other areas. Your organizations have little money and no “moms in sneakers” doing the hard work of campaigns.What you have had is a smarmy sense of academic superiority unjustified by actual arguments.We are now about to win an election without you. You have turned on Bush, worried about him. We love him and are about to turn out eighty percent of our millions for him.When Bush wins, it will be the cultural issues which have pulled him through in places like West Virginia and Ohio. If we had listened to you, then Bush would have lost, big time.In fact, your sensible economic views are only heard, because the academic portion of the religious right takes you seriously.We can translate them to the folks in Kansas and Utah, because we are the people of Kansas and Utah. You went to college and decided you were better than your parents. You moved to Cambridge and forgot home. We went to college and decided to serve our families. We live and work in places you fly over. You need us or Kansas will be lost.What about the future? Television, made by aging vets of the sexual revolution, has deceived you about what the young want. Your fantasy that the young are with you is part of your cultural blind spot.How many kids, on average, do your friends have? One or two? Millions of kids are homeschooled. How many do you know? Many Mexican kids are being educated today in California schools. How many support partial birth abortion and unnatural marriages? Give me Saint Joseph’s Sunday School and you can have the Women’s Studies Program at State U.Anglos are not having many babies. We will grant you the “perfect,” stressed out, designer baby of Buffy and Biff in the suburbs (all one of them), if you keep ignoring the kids in CYO and AWANA. (Google them to see what you are missing.) Check out the average number of kids per household in your demographic groups. The future is ours.Here is the good news. We may not be libertines, but we have a strong libertarian streak. We want to make government smaller, more compassionate, and we believe in a culture of life. We will let you do what you want in the privacy of your home as long as you don’t defraud our kids or ask for our blessing. If you can get over forcing your sexual views on the rest of us, allow us to protect babies, and move on to other things, we will have much common cause.God gave you the right to sin. He is the judge. We won’t take that away from the Andrew Sullivans of the world. That is where American Christians differ from the Bin Ladens. We are happy to work with you, but you have to realize that we are on to you. Best reason and best experience are on our side. We are glad you are in our party, but it will always be pro-life, pro-family, and for God and country. That turns out to be the majority position. We are happy to help you with your economic goals.Your friendly traditional Republican.

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