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GOP Senators Seek Victory on Abortion Vote

GOP Senators Seek Victory on Abortion VoteThe AP notes (I comment):As for the abortion-related showdown, “it’s an uphill fight, but it isn’t over,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., author of a proposal to prevent protesters at abortion clinics and elsewhere from using bankruptcy to avoid payment of court judgments.Protests at an abortion clinic are so bad from Schumer’s point of view that he must allow the government to hound them past bankruptcy.The skirmishing over two controversial issues occurred on legislation to overhaul the nation’s bankruptcy laws, a measure with bipartisan support that is expected to clear the Senate later this week.Conservative Republicans in the House have blocked passage of bankruptcy legislation in the past because it contained a provision relating to clinic protesters. This year, with Senate GOP leaders trying to craft legislation that can reach President Bush’s desk quickly, the issue has taken on a new significance.In other words, Democrats have killed reform in the past by turning this bill into a way to save their favorite civil right: abortion.Naral-Pro Choice America showcased the vote, calling it the first abortion test of the new Congress.”Senators need to decide who they will stand with. There is not a single state where there is widespread support for turning this bill into the Firebomber Legal Protection Act,” said Nancy Keenan, president of the organization.I get it. By NOT changing the law, Republicans are acting to protect “firebombers.” But isn’t firebombing illegal now? Violent protest is always wrong and we have laws to deal with it. Civil disobedience also (rightly) carries consequences which the protestor is willing to take to make his point. However, going after peaceful people expressing their views after they are broke to make political points is bad. The next time someone tells you it does not matter which party is in power show them this story. The next time you hear that the Democrat Party welcomes pro-life points of view show them this story. The Democrat Party so venerates the notion of killing the unborn that it erects higher protections around an abortion clinic than it does around a church.

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