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Guest Blogger

Let me introduce my guest blogger for the next two days: Chris Leigh. Why Chris Leigh you might ask sensibly? Well, it could be because he is a fine student and a graduate of the Torrey Honors Institute. It might be that I am on Holiday with Hope (Disneyland!) for two days and found Chris to be a man of keen insight. On the other hand, it might be that Chris and Sheri are babysitting our kids and happen to be in the house and I could not convince Sheri to do it. You choose. (We get to see Baby Aiden, who is cute as Sheri and as loud as Chris. With luck Sheri, clever woman that she is, will also guest blog.) For some reason, I have left Chris in charge.Also guest blogging is Lauren Malby, who is the leader of a small community of THI women. She is also a drama person (along with Chris) of some note. She is here to keep Chris in line.So welcome Chris and Lauren . . .

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