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Holland is Leaving the West “The advocacy of the establishment of committees charged with dealing out death –and the admission that such decisions have already been taken in the West– is not an event about which one can really be neutral.”The values of the dealers of death who sit calmly in rooms and move and second people to destruction are not Western. These are the values of the Low Pagans who painted their faces blue and mixed babies blood with the mortar of their houses. Holland is leaving the West and will lack the moral strength to defeat Islam.Against this paganism, Plato and the High Pagans fought with all their considerable intellectual might. . . only to fail. Christianity united with the best of Greek rationalism to create human rights and dignity. Martyrs died in what became Holland to win human rights. Now the descendants of the liberated squander their patrimony for peace, bread, and land as they kill living babies who cannot consent to their own deaths.Some moral force is stolen in this debate by the Low Pagans by confusing the issue. They conflate allowing a natural death with active killing. No one argues that one must do extraordinary things to prolong death. Pain medication exists to ease suffering. However, Western medicine, even in the days of the High Pagans, said: “First do no harm.” To actively kill is an ethical jump that most often leads to other horrors. People became used to dealing death.Even when the guilty are involved too much death is not good for the soul. No one wants the hangman for a son-in-law. What will be the result on the soul of deciding to kill living children? Who can be allied with such folk who decide in their great wisdom who should live and who should die of the innocent?

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