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Hollywood Worries as Decline Continues

The New York Times > Movies > Hollywood Worries as Decline Continues: “In the case of ‘Kingdom of Heaven,’ Fox labored to make a film about religious war that would offend neither Christians nor Muslims and trimmed some of Mr. Scott’s more violent scenes, said a person who worked on the film and spoke on condition of anonymity to protect relations at the studio. But because the subject matter was religious war and not, as with ‘The Passion,’ resurrection, the studio could not count on a big Christian turnout, the person said. A spokesman for Fox said the film was actively marketed to Christians.”I saw ads for this film in my favorite news magazine, World. I am just amazed at how clueless this means Hollywood must be.You cannot make a film about Christianity where “religion” is presented as the greatest danger to peace and anticipate an enthusiastic religious response. The new hope seems to be that Star Wars will save the movies. However, my college students seem turned off by the previous two dreadful films. Lucas also seems to be turning to preaching and leftist religion and politics. That will not help the box office.Memo to Hollywood: try making a film that offends you, but makes the red states happy. Believe it or not many if not most blue staters will like a well made film of that sort as well. (Minority groups, the core of the Democrat Party, are also socially conservative and patriotic.) A gay Alexander is no more exciting to Hispanic and black film goers than to White Southern men. A King Arthur who mocks the traditional church and is a heretic is not going to turn out the Southern Baptists or Hispanic Roman Catholics. Bluntly the only epic to really make it was a Catholic one (Lord of the Rings) that appeals to evangelicals.

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