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Hugh for President

HughHewitt.comOne can dare to dream. I dream of a day when Michael Jackson is not on the news for an entire week.I dream of a day when the Packers sign a quality defensive end again.I dream of a day when baseball has a real commissioner.I dream of Frank Pastore running a blog.I dream big. . . and I dream of Hugh Hewitt as president of the University of Colorado.If a former Clinton administration official can be President of Harvard, couldn’t Hewitt be President of the University of Colorado? If administrative hacks can be promoted to the job (pick your favorite University of California school), why can’t Hugh be President of the University of Colorado?The essential job of a University president is to provide vision, contacts, and raise money. Mostly, the president raises money from deep pockets. . . lots and lots of money. In a state context, he also provides political cover for the system. Who could do all that better than Hewitt? Hewitt could help transform one state university into a place where conservatives were welcome. He could transform the humanities from their “publish or perish mentality” to a “teach the stuff that makes for great adults” mentality. He could restore the dignity of the college professor as teacher. Shouldn’t one state university be as open to the right as it is to the left? Think of the money Bush raised to run for President. Now imagine that money applied to a state University system. Imagine a state University where the professors and the people of the state were not utterly at war with each other! Of course, we would lose Hugh on the radio, but tough times call for great sacrifice on the part of the conservative masses. You too can dream. Support Hewitt for President. The time is now: Hewitt ’05.

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