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Hugh Hewitt Revealed!

HughHewitt.comI may or may not have tapes of Hugh Hewitt speaking candidly to me about many subjects. I am preparing a book on the topic (“Flogging Bloggings Best Blogger: the Book on Hugh Hewitt.”)Hewitt has mere days to respond in order to suppress these tapes which may include, though not necessarily, revealing tid bits that may or may not include shocking information that may or may not prove HUGH HEWITT IS A REPUBLICAN (!!!) and has a LOW OPINION OF HILARY (!) CLINTON.On the other hand, maybe it is unethical to tape your friends. Maybe no Christian should betray a friend for money, not even a sum exceeding thirty pieces of silver. Maybe no Christian should let out “damaging” information to his friend’s foes while his friend is trying to save the world.Yes, that’s right. No traditional Christian would behave that way: ever. Except here. Forget it Hugh.

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