Essay / Misc. “‘Dear Hugh,”Everyone should read the letter on Hewitt’s web site. It is very powerful. Why the silence from the media?I think most of the mainstream media is afraid to report this story, because it connects to abortion. Abortion is the great sacred god of the mainstream media. No story is worth anything that might call into question this secular sacrament. But we must keep talking about the Dutch leaving Western civilization and returning to the low paganism of their forefathers. We must talk about it because it leaves a moral hole that can and will be exploited by radical Islam. Men cannot live with the horrors of Holland. Life and death do not co-exist with each other. Hospitals turned into killing fields always have empty nurseries. Holland has declared man god. Gods do not have children. They stand apart and rule, approving any humanity that will cause them to have to see or deal with the fact of human suffering. Human suffering is not redemptive for them, for life has no purpose. And this is just the start. After the unborn came the hurting. Instead of helping, we killed them with their “consent.” After the hurting, we turned to the helpless, who cannot consent to anything. Next will come the mentally weak. . . we will judge them useless eaters living in an unworthy manner. We do not know the quality of any man’s life. We cannot judge. We must never murder the innocent, for there is no logical stopping point.

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