Essay / Politics “My symposium questions: Did Kerry blunder in denouncing nuclear bunker busters? If so, why? If so, how great the damage to his candidacy?”Hewitt is leading a virtual symposium (sadly no flute girls, but Kerry is our very own Alcibiades!) on this question. I am no political expert, but let me suggest that Kerry’s self-evident blunder is a sign of his extreme secularist philosophy. That is what is costing him every Southern state and making the Mid-West tough, if not impossible to carry.Kerry was educated to see the world in grays. Trapped by an East coast intellectualism that sees subtle nuance everywhere, he cannot help but view the United States as morally equivalent to the terrorists and to rogue states. But to the rational mind two things are clear, black and white even. First, the United States is the good guy when it comes to using military power. It is good for the world that we have it and we almost always use it altruistically and well. There is no realistic scenario where the world would be better off with a change in our overwhelming military advantage. Second, many of the nations in Kerry’s beloved United Nations are thug states. The Chinese government is composed of butchers, most of the so called third-world nations are dictatorships with a fig leaf of democracy, and the European states like France and Germany are aging, broken socialist nursing homes waiting for their final cultural deaths . We are right to want them weak. We should have weapons that North Korea or Iran should not have, because in the respects relevant to this discussion we are good and they are bad. Kerry has blundered badly by exposing the fact that he and a good part of his coalition cannot make such statements. They worry that McDonalds and MTV (I am a fan of neither as cultural artifacts) are somehow just as bad when it come to weighing a nation’s acceptable military strength as the slave lords of Sudan or the Butcher of Baghdad. They want to be well liked in Paris and applauded in Sweden. They are citizens of the globe first. Earlier I compared the topic of our symposium to Alcibiades, the young Athenian who should have saved his city but ended up betraying it. He was bright and from the ruling class. However, Alcibiades had been ruined by the effete educational system of democratic Athens. The intellectual elite of that city had become trapped in a self-serving and intellectual fruitless box apart from the patriots of the city. Alcibiades was defended by folk who could not see an intellectual difference between free Athens and the Spartan slave state. The destructive leadership of men like Alcibiades, exposed in Plato’s dialogue Symposium, helped destroy the city.Kerry was ruined in the same way by the social elites of his day. He received the same sort of morally soft education with patriotism viewed with suspicion. Kerry’s fear of the United States having certain weapons exposes this destruction. If exposed, this gaffe will cost our gawky Alcibiades by exposing John F. Kerry for the ruined man of promise that he is.

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