Essay / Politics “The new subject: ‘What do Kerry’s answers to today’s press inquiries tell us about Kerry’s worldview and character?'”The key to Kerry’s worldview was found in his worst debate answer yesterday. Kerry decided he would be a president that believes in science. He consistently described religious views as “belief.” He is eager to impose the findings of “science” on those who disagree, because that is rational. Kerry would never impose his religious “beliefs” on the rest of us, because they would be intolerant. Why? Beliefs are private. Like rooting for the Red Sox, they might deeply impact your personal life, but they are a private truth. No rational person would say that rooting for the Yankees is really evil, despite how tempting such a statement is. Religious beliefs are like this for Kerry. He is for the Catholic team. Hurrah! He grew up rooting for the Pope and that crowd, they are his hometeam. He feels deeply about being Catholic, maybe even deeper than he feels about being a Red Sox fan. However, religion is about these private (usually cheerful) beliefs, not about facts. When his Church sticks to Hallmark-greeting card slogans (“Jesus loves you! And you can make it John Kerry!”) then he is all for it. He even is happy for his Church to thunder against evil as long as it is evil everyone Kerry respects agrees is evil. (“Nazis are bad!”) However, when Church leaders act like the know something, Kerry must dissent. Kerry must use science (as interpreted by Kerry) to make all his decisions. Church leaders are cheerleaders not keepers of a knowledge tradition.On the other hand, Kerry sees science as “neutral.” Men (and now women!) in white lab coats explain the world to us. They are not biased. Philosophy has nothing to do with what they decide. Politics might even infect the Church, but it never touches the lab. Kerry grew up when Disney was pushing an all plastic House of the Future. He still has stars in his eyes about science. Of course, science is a good thing, but there is no science without scientists. And that is Kerry’s problem. Sadly, for him scientists are just human. They are just as capable of group think as any other group of humans (including the religious!). Kerry cannot see this, because what he knows to be true, given his deep inbred trust of modern scientists, is that all that really counts is nature. Nature is all there is, was, or ever will be. Everything else is frosting. Scientists of our day are philosophic naturalists, hostile to religion when religion claims to know things. Of course, such hubris has led to frequent ethical disasters and more are on the way. Cloning? Listen to a scientist on television? “It is just science.” they intone as if that word justifies any horror. And of course it is science, bad science. But science cannot determine good or bad, that is ethics, as President Bush so rightly pointed out. Scientists who have in the group think of our day bought into their right to do anything they can call science hate any limits. They promise utopia, like the serpent in the garden, if we will just transgress ethical bounds.Where would this end? Should we harvest organs from clones created just to provide us with body parts? It would be science after all. Since Kerry thinks we can kill babies for research, why not slightly older babies? Since he is for allowing partial birth abortions, why waste the bodies? Why not use them to produce anti-aging products? There is no end in sight for the horrors of naturalism as naturalism discovers that with God safely placed in the greeting card section they can become free to experiment on humans as they like.Unfortunately for Kerry, religion is a knowledge tradition. It claims to have revealed truth, revealed by a Creator God. It claims to know things. This claim may be wrong, but it can be examined. (See J.P. Moreland’s brilliant Scaling the Secular City for more detail.) It makes claims, like Christ coming back from the dead, that can be tested by history. Christianity asserts that it is true. Is it? Jesus said many things. Are they right? Christians are happy to debate in civil ways, we created the modern University after all, but we will not be patted on the head by the likes of Kerry and told to sit in the back of the bus quietly. We have something to say that if ignored threatens the peace and security of each human being. Christianity is the worldview that produced modern science, but scientists tired of ethical limits. They wanted to be gods in their labs with no restraint. Against such hubris, Christians must assert that, factually, Jesus is Lord in the lab as well as the sanctuary. We do so, because we know if John F. Kerry and his dazzled ilk are allowed free reign no ethical limits will be safe. Kerry will allow any barbarism in the name of science, or if his Catholic heritage deters him a bit in the short term, his heirs will do so. John F. Kerry is a functional atheist in the realm of public policy. Kerry is no Catholic. He is no Christian in terms of worldview. He has revealed, clearly, that the thing that moves him is Enlightenment rationalism divorced from any religious knowledge. The horrors of the twentieth century, especially the Soviet Union, should have taught us once and for all what socialist states with the power of science are capable of doing. God save the United States of America.

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