Essay / Education “My guess is that most would double back and add Solzhenitsyn if they had a second chance. “Yes, Hewitt is right, of course. The toughest thing about being a conservative once-upon-a-time was being anti-communist. In academia, it was thought silly, perhaps even a bit wicked. I will never forget hearing one person who heard Solzhenitsyn speak at Harvard describe him in so many words as wicked. Coming from a wonderful person, who never had an ill word to say of anyone, it amazed me. The leaders of the Soviet Empire came in for no condemnation, but a man who correctly diagnosed the materialism of the West was no good. Did anyone ever have the moral clarity of Solzhenitsyn against the Soviets? His fall of grace in Western academia where he is almost never read and is basically forgotten is all you need to know about the American academy.

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