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I switched: ESV Bible Blog

ESV Bible Blog: “You can now search the ESV Bible from”I have a new standard study Bible and can report that Torrey Honors at Biola is thinking of making the same switch.For years I used the Revised Standard Version. Despite the beauty of the translation, it was often theologically suspect. I decided to move to the NIV, but could not stand the USA Today level writing. The NASB was good, most often it made checking the Greek in the New Testament worthless for my level of skill, but had the most ugly prose I have ever read in a translation of any ancient book. (A close second is the Loeb Iliad.) The Greek of the New Testament may be basic, but it is never ugly.The KJV is the most beautiful English ever written, but not the best English study Bible as at times one finds oneself translating the English to understand the Greek! I still use the KJV often and always will to learn better English and the Scriptures at the same time!I believe the ESV is an almost perfect balance between KJV beauty and NIV conservative scholarship. It is no feminist Bible, preferring to reflect the patriarchal structure of the original Greek. It is accurate and unafraid to use theologically precise words. It does not dumb down Scripture to make it “relate to the youth.” On the other hand, it uses English no more difficult (in terms of reading level) than the underlying Greek. Mark is simple. Romans is complex.In short, it is marvelous.Let the people rejoice! Get an ESV, switch from the NIV, and leave the arguments behind you!

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