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Is Disneyland having a birthday?

First he gave us California Adventure.Now Michael Eisner is giving us a birthday party that consists of paint. Mostly.Will someone, anyone, please fire this guy?Disneyland is an American original. It is the only theme park that Walt Disney used.Couldn’t we get a new E Ticket (first-class) ride to celebrate?The last great ride at Disneyland was Indiana Jones a decade ago. Since then, we have gotten nice smaller rides (Pooh), but nothing to make someone go buy a ticket. It appears to me that the plans for the Golden Anniversary consist of a re-built old ride (Space Mountain), a new small ride (Buzz Light Year), and some gold paint and parades.Pardon me if I hold my applause. Disney is telling everyone this is the Biggest Celebration ever, but I think the forty year celebration was better conceived. The park felt more alive. Tomorrowland (especially) had more rides. . . and then came the policy of closing rides when one was added or just closing rides period.The team who believed running Millionaire eight days a week was a good marketing move and who made Cinderella II (the horror!) now brings us Celebration on the Cheap!I can only hope the pocket book for the new Narnia movie is not coming from Burbank.Will someone bring in the creative folk at Pixar or a risk taking business man of the sort that runs Walden Media before Disney just is not Disney anymore?

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