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Judge Nixes New York's Gay Marriage Ban – U.S. & World – Judge Nixes New York’s Gay Marriage Ban: “Ling-Cohan noted that one plaintiff, Curtis Woolbright, is the son of an interracial couple who moved to California in 1966 to marry. She said California then was the only state whose courts had ruled that interracial marriage prohibitions were unconstitutional.Some courts, Ling-Cohan wrote, justified anti-miscegenation laws (bans on interracial marriage) as defending tradition rooted in ‘natural’ law. They ‘rejected the rights of adults to choose their marital partners based on outmoded prejudices that are now recognized as illegitimate grounds for government action.'”The move to compare abnormal sex behavior with being Black is well under way. Already, members of the King family are called racist for resenting this hi-jacking of history. It is bad argument, hopelessly bad, but let’s go ahead and give three reasons to think opposition to gay marriage is different from opposition to inter-racial marriage.1. The biological differences between men and women are profound. Race is an artificial construct invented by human beings. There are no races really, but there are males and females.2. The biology of sexuality is designed for procreation between men and women. There is nothing in that function that makes sex between the races odd or abnormal. One can procreate with someone of a different race, but not with someone of the same sex. Homosexuality is unnatural behavior.2. The great Western religions, one source of knowledge about the world, believe homosexuality is morally wrong. Some forms of religion in the USA believed inter-racial marriage was a sin. There is no comparison between the universal nature of the first belief and the deviant nature of the second. The first belief is grounded in the religious structure of marriage. The second was a foolish prohibition that did not even exist at the time of Jesus Christ.

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