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Kerry Concedes

Kerry Concedes: “Sen. John Kerry (search) has called President Bush (search) to concede the 2004 race for the White House, FOX News has confirmed. The Massachusetts senator will meet with reporters around 1 p.m. EDT at Faneuil Hall in Boston to make some sort of formal announcement about the future of his campaign. News of the phone call came at 11:10 a.m. EDT Wednesday. Earlier in the morning, the Bush campaign declared victory, despite claims by Kerry’s campaign that the fight is not yet over in Ohio.”Good for Kerry. You have to love America and appreciate Kerry doing the right thing. Let’s unite and win the war on terror.Two election thoughts, one happy and one sad:1. I believe Pete Coors lost because a few traditional evangelicals would not vote for a beer baron they believed socially liberal. This is too bad, since I think it untrue.2. John Thune, Biola graduate, is now in the Senate.

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