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Leftist Lies Continue

Gwynne Dyer: Bush picked a poor moment to display his ignorance: “That deserves respect, as does the fact that the Red Army actually did liberate Eastern Europe from something far worse than Communism. “The Nazis were evil, very evil.The Communists were evil, very evil.The Nazis killed millions. The Communists killed millions. In fact, the Communists killed more people than the Nazis though they had more time to do it.So why does the left keep apologizing for Communism? Any agreement that allowed the Communists control over millions of people was a bad one. We never recognized Soviet control over the Baltics. We had the bomb. The Soviets did not. By Yalta Roosevelt should have known the promise of such a weapon. If he did not, then at the very least less of a “pragmatic” sell out would have allowed him to take a hard line with a fearful Soviet Union after the power of the bomb was demonstrated. The Soviets had been bled white by the War. Without Allied help it is difficult to see them sustaining a war machine. What could they have done if we had told them to leave? Does anyone believe the Soviets could have defeated a determined Allied liberation of Eastern Europe? In any case how would the monster Stalin have reacted to a threat, even if a bluff?For sadly it must be admitted that the political will did not exist to take this action in the West. It did not exist because the Left, and even Hollywood, never allied for the demonization (appropriate) of Uncle Joe and his minions. Our intellectual leaders, with certain notable exceptions (MGM!), were always softer on the Reds than the Blacks. Reds were misguided nice guys who somehow killed millions of Slavs. We should have refused to recognize enslaved Poland the same way we refused to recognized enslaved Estonia. We did the right thing in the Baltics. Did it help? Perhaps. It is certainly the case that it kept an emigre group alive that could form the basis for civil government. The Baltics have done better, on the whole, than the rest of Eastern Europe. Yalta betrayed our best ideals. Yalta featured a Soviet spy, Hiss, at the right hand of a dying President. It was a bad deal and a blot on our conduct of the World War. God bless the President for saying so.

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