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Life goes on without 'vital' DNA

Life goes on without ‘vital’ DNA: “It is not often that the audience at a scientific meeting gasps in amazement during a talk. But that is what happened recently when researchers revealed that they had deleted huge chunks of the genome of mice without it making any discernable difference to the animals. “This is the most important story of the day. Mice have souls that form them. They cannot be reduced to the sum of their genetic parts. They are living things. If these ideas became widely accepted then scientism, a religion that dominates much of discourse, would end.Why would this matter? It would be one step to restoring teleology to science. The idea that living things have an “end” (ears are for hearing) would be a great aid to thinking about issues like homosexuality. More important by far, it would also revive the power of the argument to design for most people. Of course, there have been good philosophical reasons to believe in the soul all along (See Moreland and Rae in “Body and Soul”), but we are beginning to see that our worship of DNA and “genes” was misplaced.

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