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Mario Cuomo Speaks! He also makes Julienne Fries! – Text of Mario Cuomo’s Democratic response:Once upon a time, Mario Cuomo mattered. He made speeches that made the press swoon. To the New York Times he was the right kind of Catholic, a bad Catholic. He always spoke of his love for the Church and then painfully and ever so slowly would end up agreeing with the New York Times and attacking the Church. He would then be rewarded for his courage by praise from the New York Times since everyone knew (at the Times) that it took courage to stand up to the Pope on abortion and birth control in New York State. You just never know when to expect the Spanish Inquisition!Cuomo was always pensive, the Hamlet of the Hudson. He could not make up his mind to run for President,which some deluded folk decided was possible after one fair speech to a losing Democrat convention. (Even then carrying a Southern state did not seem important to the press!) On the way to national greatness, he lost the governorship of New York State to one of the least effective Republicans to ever run for office. The New York Times was shocked! Everyone they knew voted for him.Cuomo looked thoughtful, always his substitute for thought, and went off into the Danish darkness only to reappear every once in a great while to speak. This only can happen when no actual Democrat wants to risk his viability or when the situation calls for a religious Democrat. For Cuomo is very religious and would be the pope today if that position were decided by the New York Times. My comments in italics follow of this speech given by Mr. Cuomo today attacking our wartime leader.“Good morning. I’m Mario Cuomo. Today marks 100 days since President Bush took office for his second term in the White House.Please note the assumption that anyone much remembers Mr. One Big Speech. My college students surely do not. This is the sort of humble hubris Cuomo always shows.Politically, he and his party had everything going for them: the presidency, a Republican majority in both Houses of the Congress and a federal court system tilting ideologically in their direction.The war is forgotten. Having to deal with nasty Islamic terrorists is not a political problem!What has the president’s so-called ownership society done with this power and potential? The president has continued to provide rich tax cuts mostly for the wealthiest individuals and corporations.Let’s assume this is true.Amazing fact: if you cut taxes, the folk paying the most taxes will get the biggest cut! The rich and business take the punitive hit of high taxes and the President helped them keep MORE OF THEIR OWN MONEY. Only a Democrat thinks your keeping your money is the government “helping you” or doing you a favor.The bold steps by the President to try growing the economy by letting the people spend their own money led to economic growth despite our being at War.None of this matters as the main thing for Mr. Cuomo is to posture as the friend of the poor. He is most their friend, in his own mind, when he keeps them from putting their genes into the future by helping them kill their unborn children. Sadly for Mr. Cuomo he has forgotten one small commandment.Cuomo and most cafeteria Catholics forget that one of the Ten Commandments is “thou shalt not covet.” It seems he missed papal condemnation of socialism (see Benedict XV) and has decided that Biblical instructions for the rich in Israel not to oppress the poor really mean that the government should take money from the rich and give it to the poor. Apparently keeping your own money harms the poor in Cuomo’s world. In this way of thinking, if business and the rich had less money, then poor would be better off! Such thinking is a prime reason that Mr. Cuomo is now retired and making speeches on Saturday morning in the political off season.He’s allowed the vast majority of middle-class Americans to slide backward economically as the prices of everything they need most like health care, education, gasoline, transportation and housing go up faster than their income. And he has provided the poor little reason for a new hope.According to Mr. Cuomo, Mr. Bush just stands around running a war while we slide backward into rack and ruin. Bad Mr. President! Bad!What American does Cuomo see? Americans are in an economic growth period while fighting a world wide war against terror. That is amazing. Mr. Bush is not out creating government programs to give false hope to the poor. He is trying to help business grow so that the poor can get jobs and stop being poor.It appears that Mr. Bush should fight a war, get the economy growing, and end all the problems of America. That is the job of the President, yes?Meanwhile, the Democrats have not only blocked the President’s plans to attack some of these problems, they intentionally have offered NO solutions of their own.Mr. Cuomo, who has no real day job, is simply the aging uncle who comes to the family meal and points out how much better things would be if HE were running things. . .even though his present job is playing shuffle board in Florida.On Thursday, we learned that the American economy grew at its slowest rate in two years.Translation: The economy is growing.And despite his repeated promises, President Bush and his party have continued to mortgage the future of our children and our grandchildren by refusing to address our nation’s skyrocketing budget deficit. He has also threatened to strip the Social Security Fund of more than $1 trillion to pay for his adventurous new savings account scheme.Now the lies and half truths begin. We are winning a world war. That costs money. Politically there is no will from the American people to cut programs and in fact, earlier in this very speech Mr. Cuomo suggested he wanted new ones. Magically, Mr. Bush is supposed to create new programs for Mr. Cuomo, win the war, keep all the old programs (if he cut the rate of their growth Mr. Cuomo would call this “slashing them”), while balancing the budget. In fact, due to growth and given the war, the operating budget is not bad. After the war, it should come back into balance when we reap the peace dividend that will come.There is no “Social Security Fund.” It is all government IOUs and unfunded debt. Second, the money that I would get to invest from Social Security is MY MONEY. Why does Mr. Cuomo always assume he knows best what to do with my money? Mr. Cuomo’s America is a place where the government takes your money, wastes most on overhead, then gives some of it back and expects you to thank Mr. Cuomo for giving you hope. Of course, loss of economic freedom would be compensated for by government sponsored abortions which in the world of Cuomo is the fundamental human choice.Investing in the stock market or in a mutual fund only sounds adventurous to an aging liberal and former members of the Politburo.Now, the Republicans in the Senate, instead of dealing with his litany of failures,Failures:1. Winning the War on Terror.2. Economic Growth.are threatening to claim ownership of the Supreme Court and other federal courts, hoping to achieve political results on subjects like abortion, stem cells, the environment and civil rights that they can not get from the proper political bodies: the Congress and the presidency.The cynicism here is breathtaking. Mr. Cuomo and the liberals ended hundreds of years of American political practice on abortion and other social issues about thirty years ago through the courts. They placed judges on the courts that created rights nobody had ever found in the Constitution. Now when Mr. Bush wants to end this judicial over reach, Mr. Cuomo argues
that this would be “legislating” from the courts. In other words, Mr. Cuomo wants to use the courts to win and then to freeze the courts forever in place. It would be nice for Mr. Cuomo if everyone were stupid enough not to notice this scam, but sadly for Mr. Cuomo blogs now allow arguments like this to face analysis less friendly than that of the New York Times.
How will they do this? By destroying the so-called filibuster, a vital part of the 200-year-old system of checks and balances in the Senate that allows the fullest possible debate before one of the president’s choices for the Supreme Court or other federal courts is allowed to take his or her place on the on the bench. That would be a change so undesirably destructive that it has been called the nuclear option.Cuomo once again hopes that by painting a picture exactly opposite from the truth that he can win. The filibuster is a rule of the Senate. It is not in the Constitution. It has historically only rarely been used on judges. Democrats intentionally have started using it on some Bush judges chosen to make political points with their interest groups (see the inalienable right of abortion which serves as the only unifying creed to modern Democrats).Democrats have stopped playing by the “gentleman’s rules” of the Senate. The Republicans decided that if the Democrats will not eventually allow an up or down vote, as has almost always happened, that they will change the rules the other party is no longer playing by.Mr. Cuomo is like the school yard bully who uses the school rules to his advantage. When the other students refuse to take it anymore, the bully bemoans the loss of civility in the school yard. The bully wants the rules to remain static once he learns to exploit them to his benefit.The Republicans say it would assure dominance by the majority in the Senate. That sounds democratic until you remember that the Bill of Rights was adopted, as James Madison pointed out, in order to protect all Americans from what he called, the tyranny of the majority. And it sounds nearly absurd when you learn that the minority Democrats in the Senate actually represent more Americans than the majority Republicans do.The Founders understood that the majority would eventually rule. If the tyranny of the majority (under the fearsome Dr. Frist?) is a danger, so is the tyranny of an abusive and petulant set of losers. Every church has a group of such members who cannot be pleased, lose every vote, and then demand that their views be the ones that win because they are sensitive or right or oppressed. These weary folk are always threatening to leave if they don’t get their way, studying the Church constitution and Robert’s Rules, and trying every trick to force the majority to obey their every whim. (“All the right folk just KNOW that the majority plan to replace the hymnals will lead to chaos!”)Mr. Cuomo adds up all the people in all the states represented by the Democrats, forgetting that many Senators did not get 100% of the vote in those states, to get his bizarre factoid about Democrats being the “majority party”.The last presidential election had, as a major issue, the selection of judges and Mr. Cuomo’s party lost. In the world of Mr. Cuomo an actual tyranny (the rule of a minority) is less to be feared than the hypothetical misuse of power by the majority.The public surveys reveal that most Americans believe there appears to be no good reason to change the Senate process after all these years. In fact, there is none.Most public surveys show Mr. Kerry will win the election! Virginia goes to Kerry!Mr. Cuomo assumes:1. the questions were asked fairly2. the rules of the Senate should be made by people on surveys.However, according to the last paragraph the Senate should disregard the ACTUAL VOTES of the people in November against Cuomo’s party. His candidate, a Mr. Kerry, campaigned against Mr. Bush and his bad judges. He lost. According to Mr. Cuomo that does not matter. Instead of this fact, the Senate should take a snap shot of folk (who I am sure were fully briefed on Senate history and rules) polled in a survey and do what they suggest.Senate Democrats have worked in a bipartisan fashion to confirm 95 percent of President Bush’s nominees. Breaking the rules in order to rubberstamp the last 5 percent would be exactly the kind of tyranny of the majority that James Madison had in mind.In the world of Cuomo, “rubber stamping” is when you lose. “Breaking the rules” means the Senate making its own rules to deal with the abuse of the old rules by the Democrats.The Republican senators should instead start working with the Democrats to address all the serious problems of this country in the proper forms: in the Congress and in the presidency, leaving the judges to be judges instead of a third political branch controlled by the whim of the politicians in power.We promise Mr. Cuomo if he can get the liberal judges to get rid of social legislation from the bench (Roe v Wade, forcing unnatural marriage on Americans) that conservatives will be happy to let judge be judges. Mr. Cuomo wants the winners of elections to leave his judges in place or appoint judges he likes (even though his party lost on this issue).This is Mario Cuomo. “Who?What job does he have?What are his solutions?What do the judges believe that is so bad that the Democrats must stop them at all costs?Oh, wait! Cuomo is the Catholic pol so personally opposed to abortion that he must come out of retirement to try to save abortion on demand through the third trimester by blocking any judge who will not swear to protect it!Evangelicals and traditional Christians need to remember: the left in this nation hates your values and loves the culture of death. They produced the Time Magazine stories on Benedict XVI which gave Andrew Sullivan, who hates the new pope, a full page to rant against him before his pontificate could even begin. They will stop at nothing to take down our President, because he wants to protect the unborn and end their control of the courts. They hope that gas prices rising during a war in an oil region (how shocking!) will cause us to forget how much they despise our deepest beliefs. This battle for judges is all about abortion for the Democrats. They will do anything to save it.The President fights for judicial restraint, the rule of law, American traditions, and sane judges. The Democrats to the man will not let him act to appoint judges we elected him to choose. Instead, the Democrats attack our religion, our fitness for office, and our leaders.We will not forget. Mr. Cuomo has come to remind us.

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