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May the Soul of Ronald Reagan and all the faithful departed rest in peace.

Ronald Reagan was president when I was a young man. As a conservative, I believed in losing well. Reagan taught me the hope of winning in politics. He made me cry for he was not cynical in a hopeless age. He was a beautiful soul. Ronald Reagan was a Christian gentleman, Christendom’s shining knight, our own Galahad. He defeated Lenin, that antichrist, by the grace of God.Small men will try to damn him by faint praise by reducing him to a smile or his heart. Both were great, but his ideas were greater. He defeated communism by out thinking it. He defeated godless Soviets by having more faith. He was a man who fought when no one else would do so. Reagan stood up for unborn children when politicians ran away. He had integrity and was brilliant. He read books and was impacted by ideas. He was no intellectual, thank God, but a thoughtful man of substance. I loved him. If he had ever needed my service, it would have been offered gladly. When Torrey wanted to honor men of courage, we gave Ronald Reagan one of our first Phillip E. Johnson Awards. His son Michael came to receive it for him along with his own award for his own great courage. Hearing about him from his son made me realize that Reagan was that rare man. . .one as great as one imagined.

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