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McCain Sees President in Mirror!

Beltway Buzz on National Review Online: “On his own standing with Republicans, McCain says, ‘I am the most sought-after of all Republicans … Particularly since the 2004 campaign, there has been a great softening of this dislike for me.’ McCain aides are even discussing the possibility of Karl Rove supporting his candidacy. McCain 2000 supporter and GOP lobbyist Ken Duberstein adds, ‘John has continued to be one of Bush’s strongest supporters. I think he’s been quite careful. He’s making all the right moves.'”This is very, very funny.John McCain is the most delusional man in the Senate. (Lincoln Chafee does not count since one must have an idea about which to be deluded.) McCain is insulated by his staff from the anger he generates in the party.Many on the religious right dislike him, because they know he dislikes them. He votes to placate not on principle.Many conservatives dislike him from the 2000 primaries. We were feeling better about him, but now he has betrayed the President on judges. Why? Everyone senses that McCain loves to be loved by the people “who count.” Conservative activists don’t hang out at the right parties and work for the mainstream media. McCain was a brave man, like John Kerry, who did one big, great thing as a young man and has been trading on it ever since. I respect him for his heroism and courage as a young man.I cannot admire the old man that the hero became. He has a sense of entitlement. He has lost touch with the base of the party and does not care.We will not forget. McCain is too old, looks older, and has had health issues. He is a dreadful public speaker and was given to gaffes in his only national run. McCain simply has too many foes to get the nomination. Now he has even more.

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