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MSNBC – Altercation

MSNBC – Altercation: ” Unless this administration is denied power on November 2, a collapse of historic proportions awaits us, far worse than what the Soviet Union went through. At least the Soviet Union had farsighted and courageous leaders like Gorbachev and Shevardnadze. What we have is a band of thugs who do not care one whit for our country or its people. Their only concern appears to be to preserve their power at all costs. I believe our humiliation as a nation will be complete if this gang is returned to power.”The left has gone quite mad. George Bush has caused them to lose any sense of perspective. And by the way: calling the last Leninists “farsighted and courageous” is why the Left cannot be trusted with our foreign policy. Gorbachev still believes Soviet communism was a good thing. Soviet Communism killed over twenty-million people. There are no good Soviets.

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