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MSNBC – Fear not, these CRACKPOTS can be saved

MSNBC – Fear not, these CRACKPOTS can be saved: “Since I am a compassionate and tolerant person”. . .You know what follows will be neither.Here is an idea:Let’s use public schools to convince people their parent’s moral values are wicked. Let’s teach really young kids about “sexual identity.” Since most parents did not send their kids to government schools to have an ill educated, over worked, public employee instill philosophical notions, thinking instead Little Janet might be taught some basic math and science (though Harvard seems to think she cannot learn it anyway), this might cause a fuss.So we shall have cartoon characters teach this moral lesson. It worked with Joe Camel. Of course, all right thinking people attacked Joe Camel, because he was used to sell “smoking” and we know that is bad. Our cartoons, hi-jacking characters having nothing to do with the topic at hand, have to do with something all right thinking people know is good.Now when the bigots, I mean Christians, oppose our plan to propagandize their kids during tax payer funded time, we can laugh at them for thinking Sponge Bob is gay! Win, win! It is especially good if we can get some Christian figure to sound like he believes Sponge Bob is gay!Lost will be the question of why schools should fund moral teaching rejected by the majority of votes in the last election. No. Instead, we can mock as CRACKPOTS any discussion of whether little children should be taught that the religious beliefs of their parents, the Pope, the President, and most Americans are wicked.Lost are the right questions.HT to Evangelical Outpost for the obvious point that no one should attack imaginary figures. Any sentence with “that Sponge Bob” in it is bound to be taken less than serously.Comment: An earlier version of this post was too harsh. I deleted some of it.

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