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MSNBC – Fearing civil war, Iraq's Sunnis rethink strategy

MSNBC – Fearing civil war, Iraq’s Sunnis rethink strategy: “Influential Sunni Arab leaders of a boycott of last week’s elections expressed a new willingness Friday to engage the coming Iraqi government and play a role in writing the constitution, in what may represent a strategic shift in thinking among mainstream anti-occupation groups.”What will happen if Bush wins?Bush said we could set up a democracy in the Middle East. If we do it, the Middle East will be changed forever. Freedom will start to flow through the region. Terrorism will die down. We are winning. Unlike Vietnam, there is no Super Power to oppose us. If we have the will, then there will be an imperfect democracy in Iraq soon. Even an imperfect democracy will change nations like Saudi Arabia. The Democrat Party has married itself to our failure. Good luck, Mr. Dean.

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