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MSNBC – How would Jesus vote?

MSNBC – How would Jesus vote?: “Conservative pastors such as Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson ‘would have us believe that morality is all about where you stand on abortion, how you treat homosexuals. I think that is simply wrong,’ said John D. Moyers, senior fellow at the Washington-based Center for American Progress.”John D. Moyers is this semester’s winner of the Uncle Tony award. He can email us to get any two tape/cd sets of his choice!Moyers has the perfect content-free quotation here. He works in liberal Christian devil figures, Falwell and Robertson, while giving us a parody of what they believe. Safe to say, they do not reduce morality to two issue. They simply use them as signs that the person is out of touch with traditional Christian reasoning.Abortion and support for unnatural sexual practices are hot button issues where having a tradtional Christian opinion costs, big time. As such, speaking out boldly about it is a good measure of one’s Christian courage. Most Christian morality is still “normal” in the United States. . . so saying “I care for the poor” is not a good touchstone. Who does not? However, wanting to kill the babies of the poor by setting up lucrative abortion mills can earn you awards from main stream groups! Someone who thinks abortion should be legal is not likely to be practicing the faith once delivered to the apostles, is very ill informed (a baby Christian?), or is not a very profound thinker.(Of course, Falwell and Robertson have actually won people to Christ while starting fully accredited universities. Moyers is running the “Center for American Progress.” MSNBC has to dig pretty deep for such ‘leaders.’ In fact, about all they have going for them is that if you are a Christian liberal who will attack Robertson and Falwell, the main stream media will give you the occasional blurb. Moyers appears to be a Christian leader of the “useful idiot” to secularism variety.)For pointing us to this delicious article, which verges on Onion quality parody, Brant DeBow wins our finder’s fee. He can contact the site to collect his prize. Thank you to all the other contestants. We got many good submissions!

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