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MSNBC – Insurgent attacks against U.S. troops decline

MSNBC – Insurgent attacks against U.S. troops declineWe are winning, but then we always were. Next liberal story line: democracy in Iraq is not “pure” enough or some of the elected leaders are thugs so it was not worth going.Bush plan:1. Remove Sadaam.2. Install Democracy.The Bush plan worked. The assumption has been that democracies do not support terror in a large scale way. That has been the case in the past. We shall see, but if Iraq becomes a semi-peaceful state that does not want to destroy Israel or the USA and if that leads at least one more state to become democratic than wasn’t the war a good thing?We have lost fewer troops than liberals thought we would lose in just the war. If the administration was overly optimistic about occupation, the liberals were way too pessimistic about the war and occupation. I think so.

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