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Top three irritating things now being said about the Church and John Paul the Great:1. The next pope “will have to come to grips with the modern world.” Perhaps, the modern world (forever changing) should come to grips with the Church. Mayhaps the modern world is a strange mix of good and bad and the Bishop of Rome recognizes this.2. The church is “not democratic.” Most Catholics (by which is meant Christmas/Easter Catholics in dying Western nations or the liberals in our newsroom) want to see some change in this or that doctrine.Newsflash: the Kingdom of God has no elections. God is not going to do late night with Larry King. He loves Larry King as a person, but He is quite indifferent to Larry King as celebrity. Second newsflash: the system used to elect the Pope has produced three very, very accomplished leaders in the last half a century. In the same time, Americans have elected Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, William J. Clinton, and George W. Bush. Not to be cynical, but it seems that the cardinals are at least doing as well as we are.3. The next pope has “all power.” The view that the pope could simply stride over to the Vatican and announce that the Virgin Birth never happened is so naive as to merit ridicule. The Church is a large place. Tradition and Scripture act as a great weight to papal power. . . Big moves to the left are not possible, even for the Pope. He would undermine the source of his own authority if he tried.BONUS MEDIA POINTS:When the new Pope is elected hopeful media types will see signs of “liberalism” in his record. Recall that when John Paul the Great was elected media types saw it as a sign of reaching out to communism! Ignore media types. The next pope will continue the traditional views of John Paul, because they are the Catholic views.

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