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News Flash: Edwards Thinking of Self!

Politics: Edwards Looks Back—And Ahead to 2008 – Newsweek Politics – “Joking or not, Edwards has reason to break from the 2004 team as he considers his own future.”In a story only the blogosphere would dare to cover, your hard working philosopher has discovered that John Edwards is thinking of himself. Yes. He is considering his own future.At last. At last. If only this selfless man had thought of himself in 2004, John Kerry would be in the White House. Jon Edwards’ selfless campaign for the unworthy Kerry where Edwards allowed his hair to be mussed and his pillows unfluffed turned off the American people. Frequently, we would see a snap shot of Edwards getting ready for bed the feet on his jammies worn through by his endless pacing as he attempted to bring the two America’s together.This was a man so selfless, a lawyer so unlawyerly, that he made us uncomfortable. We may admire Mother Theresa, but we would not make her President. The selfless way John Edwards campaigned to be made Kerry’s Vice-President was a lesson in our own selfishness. We saw his sacrifice as a one term senator dared to stoop to seeing himself as the leader of the free world. We could not imagine the Boy Orator from Carolina’s pain as he stooped to number two.Thank the good Lord. Jon Edwards is following his heart and being true to himself. Many of us had feared that he would take the easy road and give of his great foresight be appearing on Crossing Over. But not for Edwards the path of easy money. No, the man who sued his way to wealth, wants the hard work of always running for office.I can only hope someone keeps Saint Edwards, a saint in the hands of his self-made god, always centered on himself. We love lawyers and politicians and men who think of themselves.

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