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Objections to These Unions

Objections to These Unions: “There are only two objections to same-sex marriage that are intellectually honest and internally consistent. One is the simple anti-gay position: ‘It is the law’s job to stigmatize and disadvantage homosexuals, and the marriage ban is a means to that end.’ The other is the argument from tradition — which turns out, on inspection, not to be so simple. “This is perhaps the most persuasive conservative argument for gay marriage making the rounds on the web, which tells you the argument for gay marriage is in trouble. First, one need not view it as the job of the law to “stigmatize and disadvantage” homosexuals to deny them marriage rights. The last I checked my unmarried friends did not feel that the law was making them second class citizens by not according them marriage rights. Not being given a privilege is not same as being told one is “bad.” Most of us have friendships that are not sexual that are deep, some as deep as marriage relationships. Biblical David did not have to have sex with Jonathan to love him. He also did not have to be married to his friend to feel that the culture was honoring him.In the same way, male/male and female/female sexuality is not the sort of sex the government is in the business of encouraging. It has almost zero reproductive value, has no track record of stability, debases the currency of marriage by expanding it, and gives no one rights that could not be gained in other ways. Homosexuality is a sad biological dead end which the state has no reason to encourage. It need not discourage it, but should not want to see more of it. Of course, we also know, through reason and revelation, that God hates homosexual behavior. He judges nations that encourage it. That is also a pretty good reason to avoid it. (Of course, God hates my own sinfulness. Heaven knows I have needed deep forgiveness for bad things I have done. Mercy is always there for the soul that would change. My desires can change, my will can become His. Two thousand years of religious knowledge argues that transformation of many kinds is possible!)

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