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Opie rebels against Andy

Opie Leaves Home: The Debate as Sit ComSadly, we saw what happened to Opie tonight. He grew up, went to college, and forgot all the home town values he learned in Mayberry. He became a trial lawyer and took fifty percent of poor people’s money to get rich. Then he exploited stories from his childhood, making his family look pathetic, to win votes. Now he has returned and the grown ups have had to put him in his place.Tonight Opie debated Andy. It was sad to see. Andy was wise. He communicated clearly and with the wisdom learned in his small town roots.Opie had memorized a lot of big words and facts. Sadly, he has never done much work in his life, just talked a great deal. Words without substance. Words. Words. Words. Flash for cash.So slowly and patiently, like he has always done, Andy tried to explain to Opie how the world works. How years of public service had taught him about men and women and how to keep the peace. How people like Barney talked big, but the time would finally come for the real men to go into the tough place and do the work.Sadly, Opie could not understand. The big lights of the city have caused him to forget all he learned. Carolina values? Gone. Small time toughness? Gone. Family values? Gone. Gone. Gone. He is still the tousled headed boy and if we were looking for someone to take to the fishing hole, Senator Opie would be a good choice. But no one should elect Senator Gone, the perpetual Opie, to any job of importance.Poor Opie. He is a cute little man, reduced to trying to look like the prom King at fifty years of age. Sadly, he has little mind under his plastered, perfect hair and his mind is as light and airy as the spray that keeps the receding line he so fears for a short time from public view. You can’t dislike the boy, just wonder why he turned out so badly. Sounds like his folks raised him better.

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