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Our Chums in Asia

Of course no one human being is more important than another, but some members of our Torrey family were in the general area of the tragedy. Here is a letter on their safety. I know many have been very worried. We continue to pray for the hurting in Asia.Dear Friends,I called Daniel’s parents’ house in Davao, Philippines a moment ago. Daniel and Katie and their family were not at the house, but I spoke to someone who said that the family is on the east side of Indonesia and that they are fine.And Justen Hollis wrote to me and asked me to forward this message to you all:Just wanted to let everyone know in case you didn’t Katie Daniel and therest of the Peckham’s are fine Erica just talked to someone @ the SILemergency # they had left, that had just spoke to Nancy (Daniels’s Mom)the other day, they actually were not aware that anything had even happened.Serious answer to prayer there, of course we’re not sure if any of thedevestation will interfere with their trip back, or, if knowing K & Dthey stop to help cleanup the mess the tsunami left. :)So our dear ones are okay. Thanks be to God.Father David

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