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Peter Pan – The Musical

Peter Pan – The MusicalLa Mirada is lucky to host this luminous musical. Landing the brilliant McCoy-Rigby combination is a credit to the best run town in Los Angeles county. Rigby is simply a marvel. Rigby is Pan, pulling off the difficult emotional subtext with verve. Her Pan has depth and, yes, sub-text without slowing down the action. Rigby has created the standard for the part that will last for years. Howard McGillin is the perfect Hook. Smee is ideal. The rest of the cast? Energetic and likeable (save the paint-by-numbers Tiger Lily), they know to stay out of the way of Rigby who dominates the stage with an easy grace. The entire production moves quickly. Only the third act lags a bit, but the rest of the show and all the numbers sing. Rigby has a fine voice and her physical work as a young boy is astounding. This is her last go round and if you get a chance to see it you should. Some people do one thing very well. Rigby is an actor who was born to play Pan. . . and sadly for the rest of us has soaked up quite a few other talents as well. Take the kids. Take the grandparents. This is real theater by people who love families, but don’t equate family theater with second-rate production values.

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