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Poll Says GOP Wins in '08

Poll Says GOP Wins in ’08: “The two Republicans each received 50 percent of the vote in a trial match-up with Sen. Clinton, who received 45 percent.”Everyone knows her. She is still at the Democrat base vote. Can anyone tell me the last Democrat to get more than fifty percent of the vote?No modern Democrat can do it, certainly not Hillary (!) Rodham Clinton. Does anyone believe she will do better than Bill did in a general election, as incumbant, against Bob Dole? How will she carry West Virginia? What Democrat can win without carrying West Virginia? The only worry in the future for Republicans would be a Bill Casey type Democrat. Imagine a pro-labor, anti-abortion, pro-marriage Democrat. Imagine he is from a big state that is usually in play. Imagine he is tough on immigration and terror. Imagine the Republicans nominating a soft-on-social-issues “moderate.” That is how the Republicans lose. The good news for Republicans (and perhaps the bad news for the nation) is the Democrats will never do it.

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