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Preventing Death versus Killing

All over the blogs, one reads people worried that traditional morals force us to keep people alive with machines who are dying. There is great fear that we prolong death.Christians ethics do not demand that we prolong dying. Allowing nature to take its course is acceptable, killing is not. Holland is now killing babies, not just allowing nature to take its course. The very sick child allowed to go home to die in her parent’s care, rather than face hopeless invasive medicine, has been treated humanely. The very sick old person who refuses extraordinary care, because he is worn out is behaving well.That is not the same as killing. In the first case, what one does only leads to death because of the illness we all hate. Death is a secondary and unintended outcome. In the case of Dutch death-dealing, the doctor poisons the child and hopes for death. The natural outcome of the doctor’s actions is the death of the baby. Don’t let your desire to avoid doctors who prolong death confuse you into supporting doctors who decide that they can actively kill you.

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