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Quick Hit on the State of the Union

1. Bush has become very comfortable being President. He looks presidential and he understands the powers and limits of the job.2. Bush is swinging for Rushmore. If the second term is scandal free, then he may make it. If we win the peace in Iraq and Iran falls to US pressure (things that now appear possible), then Bush will begin to equal the great work finished by Reagan. He will not have won the War on Terror, but he will have made it so even a Jimmy Carter could not lose it.3. The Democrats are driven mad by Bush. They were rude and foolish. Older people (he says as one) should not boo and hiss. Crabby older folk don’t look strong, but cranky. The modern Democrat response is starting to come off like the sputtering old guy who cannot like anything. (“My french fries were cold!”) The Democrats gnatter and mumble, boo and hiss, and posture as if they could do anything better then those “darn Republicans.”4. Bush has a plan. The Democrats are for the status quo or just against things. Plans win.5. Why is giving me my money to save a bad idea? Shouldn’t I get my own money to save for retirement? Why is it good sometimes (my work retirement plan), but would destroy Social Security?6. Bush stuck with the Defense of Marriage. Brave man.Finally, the Democrats don’t get it on Iraq. Americans hope to win and they look like they are rooting for our losing. John “Eyore” Kerry is so obvious. “Good evening, if there is anything good about it. We had elections in Iraq. Hurrah. People will still die. Toilets are still not working. There are still people without Game Cube. We are doomed or at least any future presidential bid by me will be if I am wrong about this.”

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