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Random Observations from One Visit to Pro-Life Arizona

First, the pro-life movement is alive and well in Arizona. It looks pretty dominant at a state level outside the executive branch. This is a tribute to the savvy organizers and the political maturity of the grass roots folk I met. What a pleasure to be on the same team with such folk!Second, if the pro-life movement lost charismatics and Catholics it would be in trouble as far as workers go. Where are Reformed churches? Where are the Orthodox?Third, everyone wants the Democrat Party to be open to their views. Many do not trust Republicans and would be happy to “go home.” There have been some positive moves on the part of the Democrat Party, but these are then negated by the leadership. Most people I chatted with have no real hope the Democrats will ever be anything other than the “Culture of Death” party.Fourth, the movement is still very white. Other than speakers the room was not very diverse (despite efforts by the pro-life groups). I think this a bad thing. It does not reflect the country, the Church, or the pro-life majority in America. What can be done? It is clear groups are trying so it is not from want of desire or effort.Fifth, the pro-life cause is very well led in Arizona. The leadership is aggressive, smart, and well organized. If only these folk ran FEMA!(Finally, on a personal note Todd and Jen Wright are just amazing!)

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