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Relating to Islam as a Serious Christian

As a Christian I do not think Islam is right on some vital issues. My preference would be for Moslems to be Christians. I respect serious Moslems who believe that I would be better off (closer to Truth) if I were Moslem.That is a matter for dialogue and reasoned debate. Being right on these issues is important and one need not “wimp out” on them carry on civil discourse and friendships. People who think dialogue is “wimpy” are the same people who think winning by force, without winning hearts, is victory.Ask the Communists in Russia. You may have the guns, but when that is all you have then your cause is doomed. Win the battle of ideas and all the guns in the world cannot help your foe.Of course, good ideas need brave guardians to keep intellectual losers from trying to survive by force, but the USA has plenty of such guardians.Disagreement on some things should not cloud agreement on other things.I agree with most Moslems on many important issues. Mainstream Islam is right about the bad impact of secularism. Serious Islam supports a strong family structure and positive child rearing practices.Of course there are “unserious” forms of Islam, just as there are weird forms of Christianity.Christians should be allies with serious Moslems when they can on cultural issues where we have much in common. We should also be allies against terror which both religions (in their serious manifestations) deplore. The US has millions of Moslem allies in the Global War on Terror.The abortion clinic terrorist behaved in a way contrary to his stated Christian faith. My Moslem friends say that the World Trade Center bombers were bad Moslems. Just as I would hope they would believe my claim about the abortion clinic killer so I take their world for the state of play in Islam.Tom Tancredo misses that important point.

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