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Rest in Peace: Terri Schaivo

Atheists saidyou had no soul just a brainand for nowAtheism is our new state creedproclaimingDaddy’s girl a computermade of meatadjudicated brokenobsoleteHubby moved on to new modelbut Platoand Dante and your Lord Christknew with Momthere was more to you than flesha womanwhose soul could be touched by lovefrom family,by a child’s simple balloonbut judges sayyou are only human ifyou swallow.Best wisdom of noble menstill proclaimsthe image of God in usmakes man liveendowed by our Creatorwith His life.Courts killed youbut love will find your hurt soulbring it homelove that can move the heavensand the stars. May the soul of Terri Schaivo and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace.

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