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Sloan stepping down, becoming Baylor chancellor

Sloan stepping down, becoming Baylor chancellor: “Baylor University’s embattled president announced Friday that he will step down and become the school’s chancellor, a post with no administrative responsibilities.”This is sad news. Anyone who is been in Christian colleges knows how to read this story. Sloan pretty plainly wanted to stay. At least a plurality of the faculty wanted him gone. Sloan was a true believer, unlike the Uncle Tony crowd who thinks being a Baptist is exhaused by nattering about soul liberty. Sloan wanted a college that was Christian and outstanding within his tradition, a Baptist Notre Dame. He failed. The Board forced him out to get “peace.” What they will get is either more fighting, if they hire someone with Sloan’s vision, since the faculty will taste blood or they will give up on the Sloan vision and hire some mediocrity to lead Baylor back down the road to being a shadow University of Texas campus.Those interested in a good education could apply now to Torrey and Biola. We are Christian. We mean it and our leadership does too.

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