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Soft of Communism

American leftists are not communists.Thank God.Communism has killed more people than any ideology in history. Today thousands of people will be forced into slave labor to support communist regimes in places like China and North Korea.I have met men forced to shovel human waste daily in concentration camps in communist nations for the crime of being Christian.Nobody disputes these facts, but on the left there is none of the rage they correctly muster against much smaller abuses.Today Koreans will die because an insane half-imbecile sits at the levers of power. Placed in power by his father, this diminutive dictator continues to starve his people. A photograph from a satellite of Asia is most instructive. Asia glows with the lights of human civilization. North Korea is dark. The follies of socialism do not allow the economic development needed for light.Rightly or wrongly, Nazi ideology became associated in the public mind with the Right or the conservative movement. Properly, conservatives felt the need to denounce the fascism in all its forms. No man wants to be associated with Hitler and his works. No conservative group, outside of the marginal fringe, dares to utter a kind word for the thugs of the Third Reich. This is no loss. There is nothing good worth saying. If the dictators of Italy and Germany made the trains run on time, it was in order to practice genocideThe left has no force or fervor in the war against communism. Why?Hugh Hewitt points all of this out using an LA Times article as an example. The LA Times reserves its harshest rhetoric for James Dobson and his putative assault on Sponge Bob or Christian generals who compare the foes of the USA to Satan. Jim Dobson would never get a story giving his side with little or no filter, because the Times knows Dobson is an evil man.But for North Korea, a regime as bloody as any in history, pound for pound, the LA Times allows an operative of that government a large amount of precious space to tell lies.The left, I think, operates in world where feeling and words matter more than truth. North Korea, as a communist regime, tells leftist lies. It talks about human rights and equality. It starves everyone (but the son of the former dictator, the Mini-megalomaniac) so it does practice rough equality. It talks a great deal about human rights, hates industry, and so it gets just a shade of sympathy.Communist revolutions always go bad in the hearts employed at the LA Times. Of course any communist revolution is a horror from the start, butchering anyone connected with the Old Regime (even if the connection is having owned a slightly nicer hovel than the farmer next door), but the Times cannot see it. Every communist revolution is full of promise, a potential spring, because the words are right. Since the words go on being right, the LA Times knows (in its heart) that there is hope for redemption. Every revolution is a spring mysteriously blighted by winter. . . perhaps caused by the USA or colonialism or something. Communism has gone astray while fascism is evil.The LA Times will never learn that fascism and communism are both evil. Why? It would require the sort of mind change that implies an organization governed by mind and not the heart. The LA Times does not argue, but cajoles. It does not reason for it can bluster. It is a paper without a head, but a very big chest.The NT Times is always wrong. (See my own NT Times Rule.) It advances propositions and makes errors. Always. The LA Times is never exactly wrong, since the writers seem to know too little (or its editorial policy is too confused) to form meaningful propositions. The LA Times is a leftist feeling looking for an editorial position. It lurches about in a series of disjointed directions hoping to say something. Like Hollywood, which it represents, it follows its heart and believes in itself.North Korea makes the right propaganda noises. The LA Times, which thinks even the little dictator may be one shoe lift or implant from redemption, can be conned by myth that communism can be redeemed. Anti-communism is so right wing. . . there must be another side to the story. It knows with its head (see the knowledge displayed by the LA Times writer at the Hewitt sight), but its head is not guiding the paper.So goes an editorial meeting at the LA Times: somewhere given the leftist rhetoric of North Korea there must be something good! After all they hate the USA! They ride bikes! They eat natural foods! Let’s not think in terms of black and white/ good and evil! No stereotypes! There must be some good somewhere in this communist state. Isn’t there? Don’t they have a point of view? Doesn’t our government lie to us? What about Ohio? Was that a free election? Perhaps a government agent, with “courage” to let a few “critical comments” out which will be censored from the people of north Korea (how this is like the Times and the Soviet Union!) can be found to show the human face of communism. Perhaps the regime is about to change/is not so bad/has a good side. Someone can find that story? Right? Right? Anyone?The Times keeps on searching for the Communist reformer with a zeal that makes Quixote look sane while following its heart to oblivion. If it were enabling murder, it would be amusing.

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