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The Corner on National Review Online

The Corner on National Review Online: “Mark Noll’s book The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind was a smart appraisal of evangelical weaknesses from the inside. My impression is that its thesis, arguments, and implications have been vigorously debated among evangelicals, at evangelical colleges, among other places. That the debate is occurring is evidence both that there are problems here, and that Hart’s picture of an evangelical world that is all about emotion and not at all about intellect is a caricature.”This is very true. It is also true that the Noll book received a great deal of criticism and debate in Evangelical schools. I thought it a self serving bit of tripe that found anti-intellectualism mostly where Noll did not like the perspective about which he was writing. However, it inspired a good deal of better writing and many thoughtful papers at Biola.Basically, Derb’s comments on evangelicals are dated, ill informed, and offensive. That is the great thing about the NOR site. There is nothing better than such Victorian secularism to get one ready for a good day of philosophy!

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