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The Death of a Brave and Lonely Man

The Death of a Brave and Lonely ManFox News is reporting the death of Chief Justice William Rehnquist.Rehnquist led a lonely battle against the culture of death and against the excesses of modernity. He was a moderate by the standards of history, but a conservative on a court drunk with its own power. Only in our time could a man who “found a place for religion’ in the public square be considered on the edge. His kind is so rare that it is impossible to imagine a better Chief Justice. We can only hope for his equal.The ancients said that no man is happy until he is dead, only then can the measure of his life be taken. Eternity will judge the man, but that Highest Court will also report that in the culture of death at the end of the twentieth century his was a consistent vote for life. May his soul and that of all that faithful departed rest in peace.

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